The alcohol fuel will be allowed

L’alcool qui sert de carburant sera autorisé

Because of the shortages, Health Canada has authorized this week for the temporary use of the alcohol that is used as fuel for cars, a product that is potentially harmful, disinfectant for the hands.

The hazards of the product are such as children and pregnant or lactating women should not use it.

Health Canada states in its press release Wednesday that the disinfectant that contains this type of alcohol should not be applied on a damaged skin or damaged “.

In microdistillateurs of Quebec, who are engaged in the manufacture of disinfectant for the hands since the beginning of the crisis of the COVID-19, it was difficult to understand the decision of Ottawa.

“We are very surprised of it “, stressed in an interview yesterday Christiane Bergevin, spokesman for the Grouping Gelamain, which has seven microdistillateurs, as well as industrial partners.

The microdistillateurs use of ethyl alcohol food grade for the disinfectants they offer, therefore without danger for the health.

Ms. Bergevin feels that, despite the shortage of disinfectants, Ottawa would not have had to allow such a product.


The disinfectants authorized by Health Canada now include ethyl alcohol, of ” technical quality “. It contains impurities, including a product called acetaldehyde, which is irritating and potentially carcinogenic with long term exposure.

This alcohol is mixed with gasoline in a proportion of up to 10 %. The mixture is sold routinely in the service stations.

Health Canada justified its decision by asserting that the authorization is only of short duration and that the benefits of the product to the public health outweigh its risks.

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