The American General stated that the new missile can overcome air defense of Russia

The results of tests of the rocket PrSM flew about 240 km and struck a conditional goal.

Американский генерал заявил, что новая ракета сможет преодолеть ПВО России

© AP Photo/John Raoux, archives, December 15. High-precision hypersonic missile (Precision Strike Missile, PrSM) class “earth – earth”, developed by the U.S. defense Corporation Lockheed Martin may be able to overcome the Russian air defense system. About American General John Rafferty said Tuesday the publication Breaking Defense.10 Dec rocket PrSM successful testing at the landfill in new Mexico. According to their results, the rocket flew about 240 km and struck a conditional goal.

It is expected that the new missile entered service with the us army in 2023. After two years it is planned to produce a modification that can monitor the radio emission of a moving target and hit them. PrSM will replace the tactical ballistic missile ATACMS (Army Tactical Missile System), was commissioned in 1990.

According to Rafferty, the main task of the new weapons on the European continent will be to overcome Russian air defense system. In the Pacific, the missile is designed to counter the Chinese Navy.

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