The American scientists told about the dangers of juice

Американские ученые рассказали о вреде соков

Scientists from the U.S. found that fruit juices, including fresh, hazardous to health and can lead to early death, writes

Experts kept track of 13.4 thousand people who are constantly drinking sugary drinks. They then compared showed mortality among those who received per day to 5% of the calories from sweet drinks and more than 10%.

As a result, people from the second group, the risk ratio of mortality from ischemic heart disease was higher. Scientists have noted that this risk persists in the use of fresh juices, as they contain sugar.

“Even if the sugar in the juice is produced naturally and is not added in the preparation of, the harm from it is essentially the same because the biochemical response in the metabolism of the same,” – said the expert.

Dr. Gunter Kunle noticed that one hundred percent juices are considered positive replacement for eating fruit.

“So, a glass of orange juice 150 ml made from about two oranges. However, we eat oranges a lot longer than drinking juice,” added the scientist.