The Americans fear the return to school

Les Américains craignent le retour à l’école

The site Axios announced this morning the results of a survey conducted jointly with Ipsos.

Last week, the secretary of Education Betsy Devos and the president, Trump insisted on the importance of the back-to-school and threatening to withdraw federal grants to schools recalcitrant. In light of the stroke of the probe, it is not only the leaders of the schools who fear for the health of staff and students. Especially as the first wave of COVID-19 is still rampant…

Overall, 71% of surveyed parents are worried. They believe that this return is precipitated and the risks involved are high. They do not trust the current administration to guide them during the crisis. The strategists of the presidential campaign have probably noticed that only 30% of people continue to rely on the present administration to inform them properly.

If the concern is higher among parents of african-americans or latinos, whose communities are most affected by the virus, it is still prevalent among the Whites also. Parents democrats have more to worry about, but a majority of republicans join them.

The survey allows you to learn that parents are more likely to adopt behaviours that are encouraged by public health officials. Wearing a mask is more common, as they are 62% to make use of it.

In the current circumstances, considering the message that emanates from the White House, you will not be surprised to learn that, if there are doubts also of the local authorities, we prefer to turn to them to exert pressure or develop strategies.

This survey shows that the message of Donald Trump often goes against that of the governors of the States who are in the front line in the fight, but that it also goes counter to the impressions or beliefs of a majority of Americans.

The political risk associated with the management of the epidemic is so real. What does Joe Biden, during this time? He hastened to occupy the space neglected by his rival. Earlier today, it was sent to the Texans a message of empathy and support. The gesture is not insignificant: another poll shows the democrat leads the president by 5% in a State that was there is a little bastion of republican.

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