The Americans had stolen from him customers

Les Américains lui ont volé des clients

Marquis Printer is ready to restart its presses. It lacks that contracts and workers.

“Since a few days, we have the right to operate. In the background, what am I missing, are people who will accept to return and sales. I’m in that mode. We need to seduce our customers and our employees ! ” said the Journal Serge Loubier, president and CEO of Marquis.

The Montmagny company is the largest printer of novels in Canada. Its activities have declined more than 60 % due to the pandemic. The output of most of the books that were to appear this spring has been postponed to a later date – sometimes by 2021. About 250 of the 600 employees of a Marquis, were left unemployed.

“One of our big problems is that in the United States, while the world has continued to roll,” said Mr. Loubier. Our competitors out there have, therefore, eaten in our lunch box. […] We hope that our customers who have turned to our competitors, will not fall in love with them ! It is necessary that I be able to convince to come back. “

The operation of reconquest of the customers of Marquis will be particularly important for the printing of Louiseville, which 55 % of the production is exported south of the border.

“I have told my sellers : “you need me to go in to sales” ! ” gliding Serge Loubier.

The perverse effects of the aid Ottawa

But once the contracts are signed, it will take workers to deliver them. However, in these troubled times, older employees and many parents have to stay at home.

“It was hard to remember our world,” says Mr Loubier. There are those who do not want to come. “Not to mention the perverse effects of the provision of emergency Ottawa.

“My most low-paid workers, I find it hard to convince them that they are not better things to do with their $ 2000 a home,” says the boss. Some forget that the benefit is taxable.

“We respect that, there is understanding, he says. It’s just that at a given time, if we cannot operate the business because the world does not want to come, I don’t know how we’ll get there. “

That said, Serge Loubier is well aware of the risks. An employee of 58 years of the subsidiary of Marquis in Toronto has contracted the virus and has spent more than a week in intensive care, three days and a half hooked to a respirator. “He almost died !” exclaimed he.

To reassure employees, the management has sent photos of the measures put in place in the printing works to promote social distancing. It takes the temperature of the workers to their arrival, and several panels of plexiglas have been installed.

“They said’ we wash whiter than white, do not be afraid, come join in !” But it is a great responsibility on the backs of employers. I’m going to feel how if I convince someone to come to work, and that it catches the COVID ? In my life, I never committed the world to make them sick ! ” says Mr. Loubier.

The contractor provides that the activities of the Marquis will return to normal in September. However, the financial damage will continue well beyond.

“It is as if we had lost three years of growth” calculated by-t-it.

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