The Americans have developed the universal electric motor

 Американцы разработали универсальный электродвигатель

Company Electric GT from California have created an electric motor, which exactly copies an ordinary internal combustion engine V8.

This development allows almost any car if you wish to transform into an electric one.

Recall that three years ago Californians presented the Ferrari 308, converted into an electric car or these modernized motorcycles or electric scooters, check the electric scooter reviews for more information.

Three electric motors give a total of 335 horsepower, reaching speeds of 60 mph in just 5 seconds. The maximum speed of the sports car reaches 290 km/h On a single charge electric car could run up to 209 kilometers.

New development lets even the “average mechanic” easily electrify your car. The unit is ideal for models of the Ford Mustang and Bronco.

It is noteworthy that the electrical V-twin engine printed on a 3D printer. It remains only to release a set of mounting brackets for different models. This is now engaged in the company’s Electric GT.

If you can still find budget options for the battery, then the innovation may seriously affect the electrification of vehicles with internal combustion engine.

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