The Americans released the game with blatant propaganda: gamers have criticized the new

 Американцы выпустили игру с неприкрытой пропагандой: геймеры раскритиковали новинку

The day before yesterday, the Americans triggered in the Network scandal released a new version of the game Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2019. Gamers who’ve waited so long for release, was extremely disappointed.

The fact is that Americans are blinded from the plot based on the propaganda: the Russians appear as a bunch of torturers, arranging the genocide of the freedom fighters of Syria “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia).

The level of Russophobia in a shooter rightly angered the Russian players. They are without exception lower the rating on the website Metacritic, because most of the atrocities in the game make it Russian. For example, in one scene, soldiers in uniform of the armed forces of the natives hang at the construction site in retaliation for the death of colleagues.

After such a barrage of criticism, Sony refused to release this game on the Play Station. From the new version of the game chose to stay away and influencer. Streamers refuse to do a review on a novelty even for large fees, a well-known gamer Ilya Maddison and did believe “that piece of shit obliged to prohibit”.

Characteristically, the release took place against the background of the Syrian campaign, which Russia successfully conducts jointly with Turkey. The success of Russia in Syria are the Americans throat. They have not invented anything better than to discredit Russia at least in the game. Revenge is, quite frankly, turned out insignificant.

The new game is designed to serve one purpose: to influence the minds of young gamers and explain to them that the Russians in Syria is bad and Americans are good. However, this is not the first time Americans are adopting the propaganda through the game. Almost ten years ago, the developers of Call of Duty has released version of the game called “Modern Warfare 2”: it also was full of Western propaganda and Russophobia.

Many have become accustomed in Western culture of the Russians trying to put bad. But this time the American geymdevy clearly went too far: the game was one of the most Russophobic in the world. The new version has angered even the West players who did not appreciate the abundance of propaganda. Apparently, this release will be the most disastrous in history.

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