The Americans will handle the road grape Braga

Американцы будут обрабатывать дороги виноградной брагой

5 billion dollars each year spend US authorities for bringing order to the effects of the use of road reagents in the winter.

Used for de-icing solution of chloride of sodium causes great damage to concrete and asphalt surface, is not subject to degradation, can accumulate in the soil and groundwater. The salt concentration in the river water is 220 mg per liter during the month is capable of killing 10% of all living organisms in it.

The solution to the problem was proposed by a group of scientists from Washington state University under the guidance of Professor Xiang Shi: adding in a salt solution of a product of fermentation based on grape pomace. This grape extract acts on the process of ice melting, accelerating it and at lower temperatures, not so much detrimental to the road surface and the environment than the additives used today.

Open technology allows to obtain an additive with similar properties on the basis of any agricultural waste, making it economically viable in regions with different cultures in agricultural production.