The amount of the fine for ignoring officials of the Ukrainian language

Названа сумма штрафа за игнорирование чиновниками украинского языка

The Ombudsman called the penalty for non-use by public officials of the Ukrainian language

Officials who publicly refuse to use the Ukrainian language, can be fined. About it told the Commissioner for the protection of the state language Tatyana Monakhova, writes “UKRINFORM”.

She noted that the man who publicly acts as official or gives comments as a representative of the authorities, is obliged to use the state language, and if there is a violation of the law, it will be fined.

“Initially it will be considered a complaint, is conducted explanatory conversation, if that won’t work, you will have to issue a fine, which varies from 700 non-taxable minimum (from 11 900 hryvnia – ed.),” said Monakhov.

As reported “Comments”, in Ukraine there are nearly 16.9 million schools, which educate 3.8 million students, with 9.4% educational institutions teaching is carried out in Russian.

In public schools the proportion of teaching in the Ukrainian reaches almost 90%, and in Russian – 9,2%. In private schools the teaching is generally carried out in Russian (55%), the share of Ukrainian language is 41.1 percent. The absolute leader in the number of Ukrainian-language schools is Rivne region, where 100% of such schools.

Teaching in Ukrainian is mainly carried out in the Eastern regions of the country – Kharkiv, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Lugansk regions. In Kiev, the percentage of Russian-speaking schools is 2.7%, Ukrainian-speaking with 97.1%.

According to a survey by the Razumkov Center, a Ukrainian called the mother tongue of 68% of citizens of Ukraine, another 14% believe that Russian language, and 17% – Russian and Ukrainian in equal measure.

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