The analyst suggested who lobbied for the law on the sale of land

Политолог предположил, кто лоббирует закон о продаже земли

© screenshot from a video UKRLIFE.TVUkrainian political analyst Dmitry Korneychuk sure that the sale of land in Ukraine to promote national agricultural holdings through oligarchic bunch of Kolomoyskiy-Pinchuk.By the way, when we tell stories, what is Soros promoting the sale of land, I remind you: it supports and Zelensky, and Kolomoiskyis completely controlled by the President’s faction, “the servant of the people”.So I’ve really been tormented by the suspicion that we, like suckers, want to “breed”, talking about “sorozat”. But really the sale of land are lobbying our agricultural holdings through Kolomoyskiy-Pinchuk, who also have this your gesheft.

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