the anger of a Lyon hotelier at his insurer

    the anger of a Lyon hotelier at his insurer

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    Google Maps Streetview and DR screenshot – Claude Chavanne is the owner of the hotel de Paris Lyon (30 rooms).

    Claude Chavanne is the owner of the Hôtel de Paris in Lyon (30 rooms). In dispute with his insurance, he denounces “fallacious arguments” and will take the case to court.

    How did the dispute with your insurer come about?

    “Following the first confinement, I had applied for my insurance in mid-April because of the operating loss of my establishment. 15 days after April 29, she replied that the judgment of March 14, 2020 , supplemented by that of March 15, prohibiting the reception of the public, did not concern hotels. However, my insurer concealed its professional insert dedicated to restaurants and hotels: “are guaranteed: operating losses resulting from the impossibility of ‘access your establishment in the event of prohibition by a competent authority or by a decision of the public authorities, which is the result of a contagious disease, epidemic or intoxication. “On the strength of this reality, the Maaf compensated me in accordance with my contract, until the lifting of the 100 km traffic limit on June 2. ”

    Ms breaks head during the second confinement?

    “As part of the second confinement, my insurer did not want to give further compensation, arguing that the impossibility of access to my establishment is not proven. I asked for my insurance how, after the decisions drastic changes in government, people could get to the hotel within a 1 km radius of travel, the establishment of general labor, the abolition of trainings and finally, the closed borders. This question remained unanswered as the government continued to say that customers can come to the hotel! My turnover for the last period speaks for itself: 86,474 in 2019 and 4,222 in 2020. ”

    “I am today 90% of losses”

    What was the amount of your losses and compensation?

    “Today I am 90% of losses. Between March and June, I lost 300,000 in turnover and the insurance has compensated me for 80,000. Since the second confinement, I have lost 86 000 in turnover for the month of November. I find that the arguments put forward are fallacious: “To date, no administrative closure decision has been taken concerning the hotels.” Except that the restrictions in force during the confinement naturally did not allow access to my establishment. ”

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