The animated film québécois confined to the house

Le cinéma d’animation québécois confiné à la maison

While filming in live action are in forced break, the artisans québécois cinema animation just waiting for the green light from their financial for building projects in teleworking.

This is the case of the two main producers of feature-length animated film in Quebec, Nancy Florence Savard (Nelly and Simon : Mission Yeti, The rooster of St-Victor) and Marie-Claude Beauchamp (La guerre des tuques 3D, The race of the toque).

“A lot of things can be done at a distance,” says dr. Savard. She cites the stages of animation, sound and coloring.

As his co-worker, Marie-Claude Beauchamp believes that a deal can be done in the creation of an animated film, even in the confinement period.

“There are certain steps that can be done remotely, for example, the story board, design 2D. After that, however, it is necessary that all the world can be linked to what is called the pipeline. What people produce needs to interact in a chain, and this is where it gets more complicated.”

Of the votes to complete

In Quebec city, Nancy Florence Savard full currently, telecommuting, the post-production on his fourth feature-length animated film, Felix and the treasure of Morgäa.

The main obstacle to overcome to complete the film, it was the recording of voices and sound effects. The announcement that the dubbing and the voice over will be able to resume on the 27th of April, while respecting the rules of social distancing in the studio, just give it a serious boost.

The availability of the actors, however, remains a challenge, she said, because some of them have children to keep them or live in areas that are currently closed. “But technically, we can go forward,” says the one, which is also on the starting line to begin production of a fifth film, Beluga Blues.

In an ideal world, the project will be launched in July, pandemic or not, if the funding is at the appointment.

Funding : delayed apprehended

For his colleague from Montreal, ” the sinews of war, however, remains the same as in normal times, access to the money. Except that the crisis does not help, ” notes Marie-Claude Beauchamp.

“We continue to work with our stakeholders, but the system is very slow, and the confirmation did not come maybe not at the time that was expected,” she said.

It expects, moreover, responses to a film project, details of which were not disclosed and which is currently in the funding phase.

On the side of the SODEC, it ensures that the funding decisions of feature films will be announced as scheduled around the 8th of may. Telefilm Canada should follow the course of the next week.

As for the other donors, especially the tv channels, Marie-Claude Beauchamp wondered if some don’t “will not be more cautious” in times of uncertainty.

Nancy Florence Savard, pray for its part, the Québec City “to pre-empt the ads of some of its programmes in order to allow our artists to work.”

After a stay in a room in the beginning of the year, Nelly, and Simon : Mission Yeti will be available in video-on-demand on April 20, in France.

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