The annexation of the west bank would be “contrary” to the interests of Israel, according to Boris Johnson

L'annexion en Cisjordanie serait «contraire» aux intérêts d'Israël, selon Boris Johnson

LONDON | The annexation of parts of the occupied west bank by Israel would be a “violation of international law” and even “contrary” to the interests of the jewish State, has notified on Wednesday the british prime minister Boris Johnson in a column published in a major israeli newspaper.

The israeli government must decide from Wednesday on the implementation of the plan of the american president Donald Trump for the Near East, which provides in particular the annexation by Israel of jewish settlements and the Jordan valley in the occupied west bank.

“I am a passionate supporter of Israel”, but “I hope deeply that the annexation will not move forward,” said Mr Johnson in an article in Hebrew published Wednesday in the israeli daily Yediot Aharonot, the most sold in the country.

“As a long-time friend, admirer and supporter of Israel, I fear that these proposals (annexation) fail to secure the borders of Israel, and are thus contrary to the long-term interests of Israel,” added the british prime minister considered close to israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has called last year a “friend”.

“The annexation would threaten the progress made by Israel to be closer to the arab and muslim world (…) the enemies of Israel will take advantage of the situation and use it against those who hope to progress in the Middle East,” said Mr. Johnson, calling the annexation “a violation of international law”.

A diplomat emirati was published mid-June a forum in the same israeli newspaper, denouncing the project of annexation, and stating that they would “certainly end the aspirations israeli to better relations with the arab world and the Uae”.

“I want a just solution for Israelis and Palestinians and the only way is that the two parties return to the negotiating table, the annexation can only take us away from this goal,” concluded Mr. Johnson thus joining the position of many of the european leaders on this sensitive subject.

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