The anniversary of Oscar: 90 years ago established the most prestigious award in the world

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elena Andreeva


The most prestigious in the world award celebrates its anniversary. Exactly 90 years ago established the “Oscar”. In the first years of the ceremony was the 15-minute Banquet where we handed out awards to the winners announced in advance. To see all the eyes could every paying five dollars. Today the average viewer in the room not to get, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Hope Serezhkin.

1951. The world’s first television broadcast of the Oscars. The legendary producer Louis B., the head of film concern Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer gets the Golden statuette. The award, which he himself invented.

“An ordinary Sunday evening, 20 years ago. We sat down and came up with a reward for such men and women as ourselves. Anyone who loves cinema and has devoted his life”, – said the film producer, founder of the American Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences Luis Bart Mayer.

The first ceremony lasted only 15 minutes. To utter a long speech, was not accepted. The fashion for short in 1968, was supported by sir Alfred Hitchcock.

A year later on the stage of Musical theatre of Los Angeles for the first time started talking in Russian. Our people made it to Hollywood in 1969. “War and peace” by Sergei Bondarchuk was named the best foreign language film.

“I want to thank on my own behalf and behalf of my Director and all the participants of our movie for the recognition of our great work,” said people’s artist of the RSFSR Lyudmila Savelyeva.

The first emotional “Oscar” became the prize in 1972. Ten minutes in the hall did not abate applause. The statuette was handed Charlie Chaplin, disgraced in the United States. That it was nominated for the award, the king of Comedy found only on the stage.

Since the Oscars no longer restrained emotions. Neither in the audience nor on stage.

A year earlier the same Halle berry forever changed “Oscar”. She became the first black actress received a statue for the main role.

“This moment is dedicated to all those women who stood behind me. Jada Pinkett, Lena Horne and hundreds more unnamed Actresses who now have the chance. Because today the door finally opened,” said berry.

This ceremony 2002 was the longest in history – 4.5 hours. Since then, the winners of the speech given just 45 seconds. This is one of the few reforms almost a century of history of the Academy awards.

“This is a traditional ceremony. Security provides the Agency “Pinkerton”. The same company brings red carpets, the same brings giant statuettes of uncle Oscar,” says film journalist David shneyderov.

Appearance awards were also changed only once – in 1939, when together with the Golden knight cast seven smaller pieces. The statue was presented to Walt disney for the first color feature – length cartoon “Snow white and the seven dwarfs”. Disney record 26 statuettes “Oscar” – is not yet broken.

Among the Russians the owners of the coveted statuettes were Directors Sergei Bondarchuk, Vladimir Menshov and Nikita Mikhalkov.