The app dating Grindr will remove the ethnicity among the criteria of choice

L’application de rencontres Grindr va retirer l’ethnicité parmi les critères de choix

SAN FRANCISCO | Grindr will remove the filter of ethnicity in the next version of its application to homosexual encounters, to show solidarity for the movement Black Lives Matter.

A change in the criteria for the identification of potential partners that many critics were calling for a long time.

Grindr has explained that he decided this change in response to user requests.

It also intervenes in a context of solidarity on the social networks, expressed by individuals and some companies, in favor of the demonstrators, who were protesting against racism and police violence that affect the African-Americans.

“We will not be silent and we will not stay without doing anything,” said Grindr on Twitter.

“We will continue to fight racism on Grindr, as well through a dialogue with our community that a zero tolerance against racism and hate speech on the platform and outside of it.”

The protests increased in the United States for several days in support of George Floyd, a black man arrested and then asphyxiated by a white policeman in Minneapolis.

Users of social networks have covered their publications of black Tuesday for the “Blackout Tuesday” (“mardi ” censored”), a call to remain silent to highlight the movement Black Lives Matter.

In the street, the marches and the rallies have continued in many american cities, after another night of unrest, looting and clashes with police.

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