The area of forest fires in Russia has increased over the weekend on 10 thousand hectares

Almost 10 thousand hectares increase in area of forest fires in Russia over the weekend, as told in the Avialesookhrana. Particularly strong burning Kamchatka, Baikal, Chukotka and Mordovia, reports “WORLD 24”.

In Kamchatka recorded two major centers – more than five thousand hectares. The fire crept close to seven villages. In Zabaykalsky Krai eliminate ten forest fires. Human settlements, they are not threatened, but the fire engulfed the 3.5 thousand of hectares of taiga forest. In Mordovia have brought the situation under control. However, in one of the districts of the Republic there is a regime of emergency.

We will add that now in Russia the fire season open in 82 regions. And 46 introduced a special fire mode.