The army does not want Huawei for 5G

L’armée ne veut pas de Huawei pour le 5G

The canadian military does not want Ottawa to allow the telecoms company to chinese Huawei to deploy its network to 5G in the country, reported the “Globe and Mail“, Monday.

The chief of the defence Staff of the canadian armed Forces Jonathan Vance is among those who believe that this company poses a risk to national security because of the possible intrusion of the communist chinese government. The military believe that the secret services, the chinese could use equipment made by Huawei to espionage or to disable the critical infrastructure in the event of an international crisis. They believe also that allowing Huawei to set up its wireless network to 5G in the country would put in danger the security cooperation with the United States, according to sources in the daily toronto. The sharing of secret information with Canada’s partners in the Group of five (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand) would also be in danger.

Officially, the ministry of national Defence has never taken a position on this issue, but the canadian security intelligence Service security is against the sale of equipment from Huawei for a network 5G firms of canadian telecommunications.

The federal government has not yet made his decision regarding the fate of Huawei. It could authorize the deployment of the network of the chinese company without condition, allow with limitations or prohibit it altogether.

The United States and Australia have prevented their wireless providers to use technology 5G Huawei manufactures also mobile phones. New Zealand said no to one of his telecommunications companies to do business with Huawei in this area, but the United Kingdom has allowed the chinese giant to have a limited role in this new network in its country, according to “theGlobe“.

In Canada, Bell has decided to focus on Nokia, a company of Finland, to supply equipment for its network to 5G. Rogers has chosen sweden’s Ericsson, while Videotron is trusted by Samsung, a Korean company.

The network in the future 5G will accelerate the speed and transmission capabilities of wireless data compared to the existing network.

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