The arrival of Gronkowski not concerned about Auclair

L’arrivée de Gronkowski n’inquiète pas Auclair

The advent of the tight end star Rob Gronkowski with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not prevent Antony Auclair to sleep. The former player of the Red and Gold even see this transaction with a good eye.

Acquired Patriots, New England in the company of a selection of the 7th round in return a choice of 4th round, Tuesday, Gronkowski will once again be reunited with quarterback Tom Brady.

The agent Auclair, Sasha Ghavami has no concerns in the light of its discussions with the management of the Bucs, on Tuesday, after the transaction.

“I talked to the Bucs and I’m not worried, said Ghavami. Bruce Arians (head coach) loves it and the team was keen to get back to Antony, offering him a new contract during the off-season. As head coach, the general manager Jason Licht had held words of praise in the place of Antony in February in Indianapolis on the occasion of the evaluation camp of the NFL. Gronkowski is one of the best wingers closer to the circuit, but its presence will not affect anyone in the role of Antony. “

“A very accurate “

“Antony will still be a very useful and very accurate, its role will remain the same, regardless of the presence of Gronkowski or not, to continue the agent in montreal. Its role is well established. Antony is excellent as a blocker and on special units. “

Even if the veteran tight end has slowed as the receiver and saw action as a blocker, Ghavami believes that the Buccaneers are willing to put at contribution the combination Brady-Gronkowski offense that shined with the Pats. “Gronkowski is a great blocker, but the combination with Brady has always been very productive in the past. His presence will bring an additional weapon in the air. “

Ghavami says that the Beauceron to see a good eye the arrival of Gronkowski on the west coast of Florida. “Antony is excited, he said. His coming will allow the Buccaneers to present a better sheet, and the target of Antony has always been to win a championship in Tampa Bay. The presence of Gronkowski is going to help Antony. “

Rumors of the transaction

When he learned of the transaction, the former tight end of the Red and Gold of the University Laval had only one concern, according to his agent.

“Because he has developed strong friendships with the other wingers close over the years, Antony has heard the rumors after the transaction, some may leave, in particular those relating to O. J. Howard. This is the only aspect that worried him. He is not concerned about his role and its use. “

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