The association Roya Citizen will be set at the beginning of November about his fate

Cedric Herrou, a member of the board of directors of Roya Citizen. (Photo archives) — CLAUDE PARIS/AP/SIPA

A request for dissolution of
Roya Citizen worn by another association created at the initiative of a regional adviser cognate FN has been filed in the court of
Nice, who put on Friday reserved its judgment on 9 November.

Created at the initiative of Olivier Bettati, a regional councillor Paca related national Front, the association to Defend the Roya, at the origin of this summons in chambers, believes that Roya Citizen, an association of which the prominent figure is the farmer
Cedric Herrou, carries out “illegal activities” and that its social object is “illegal”, has shown Me Jessica Dalmasso, his counsel, at the bar.

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“This combination distracts from its purpose, which is the defense of the interests of citizens in the framework of the humanitarian emergency and, under the guise of solidarity, carries out illegal actions,” she reasoned before the court.

The defence of Roya Citizen, by the voice of Myself, Catherine Cohen-Seat, has challenged the fact that the collective may have performed illegal acts: “And if we commit illegal acts, the police, the prefect, who may pronounce the dissolution?”, if is it questioned.

“Defend the Roya seeks only the buzz”

Cedric Herrou, who was sentenced in appeal for help to foreigners in an irregular situation, “this is not Roya Citizen, is a member of the board of directors”, for its part, argues Mireille Damiano, also in defence of the collective. According to her, the association to Defend the Roya seeks only the “buzz”. “The only action to Defend the Roya, it is to spread hatred and violence”, she considered, asking the court to be severe with this action, “that has no place to be”.

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“It is necessary that people respect the law, this is what we demand,” said for his part Eric Payet-Maugeron, who chairs the association to Defend the Roya. “After a while, it’s got to stop, because in the valley the people are beginning to look at each other in staring at each other, we are afraid that it ends badly,” said this retired border Police who lives in Tende.

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The valley of Roya in the Alpes-Maritimes, is experiencing a significant migratory pressure that the State is trying to curb. More than 33,000 arrests followed renewed at the border have been recorded since January in the department and many volunteers have been brought to justice