The astrologer July-August: how to survive the dangerous period of Mars retrograde

Советы астролога на июль-август: как пережить опасный период ретроградного Марса

The astrologer July-August: how to survive the dangerous period of Mars retrograde
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In the period of Mars retrograde it is better to spend time on yourself. Photo:

During this period, it is better to have the power to make repairs or return to the old cases.

From 27 June to 27 August will be a period of retrograde Mars. It’s time for smooth steps and actions: slow and steady wins – on going. What to fear and how not to miss your chance astrologer said Albina Sozanska.

What not to do from June 27 to August 27

  • To show excessive activity
  • Starting a new business, building
  • To file lawsuits
  • To purchase vehicles; appliances with motors and heating elements, cutting tools, sporting goods
  • If Your important case has already started before this period, in the current time of a possible decline in activity in its promotion, and perhaps even a loss of interest while Mars will be direct again (forward)
  • Increases explosiveness in everyday life – can often break the usual appliances
  • Can occur more often than usual quarrels and conflicts at home and at work.
  • During this period, people may lose direction vector of their actions, to change your mind to go the previously selected way, to lose interest in the goal, to get lost, you may experience regret about their deeds. In moving towards the cherished goal can appear unexpected obstacles, overcoming of which will require additional efforts do not get angry and do not show aggression, remember that this is temporary and You have two options: either to put more effort, or to wait for a fair wind, now is not the time to force the issue.

How to survive this period? Sozanska advises to practice yoga, spiritual and energy practices, meditation, gymnastics, martial arts and martial arts.

– Use this period to recharge your inner energy potential – redirect your Mars (your Strength) in the external life and ourselves, do not waste vital energy and accumulate it in yourself to at the right time to have enough force to action! Review your way of your goals, if necessary, make plans, engage in repair and restructuring of old Affairs and projects, summarize, end of the case, – says the astrologer.


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