The astrologers chose five of the most unfortunate signs of the zodiac

The signs of the Zodiac which falls the hardest trials of life.

Астрологи вибрали п&#039ятірку самих невдачливих знаків зодіаку

Some zodiac signs are often repeat: “today is not my day.” Why they often roll in the failures and how to resist it, reports Rus.Media.

Each zodiac sign has different degrees of success. Some obvious favorites of Fortune, others much less lucky. The astrologers chose five of the most unfortunate signs of the zodiac.

Their share falls more testing. If you learn them adequately resist, then the universe will not regret for these signs of generous compensations for tribulation endurance.


Insecure and susceptible by nature, they are often unable to make a choice and hurt yourself, not only psychologically but also physically. So I am constantly in tension. In their minds can root dangerous idea that the more they get the difficulties, the more favorable to him would be life in the future. Such plants are easy to attract the Fish even more problems, because thoughts are material.

Astrologers recommend this zodiac sign not to take the blows in stride, and try to understand myself and to stop going on about your own pessimistic thoughts. This will help them in meditation. With its help, the Fish will cease to wait for a dirty trick from every angle and begin to enjoy the results of the new tactics.


This zodiac sign it is important the opinions of others, and they often go to fraud, to earn praise or encouragement. Libra spend a lot of energy, in connection with which fate often presents them with obstacles and difficulties, to bring them out of this state. The weights must look for the root of the problems in their own systems and to try to avoid fraud, not to feel pangs of conscience.

It remorse, according to astrologers, Libras are preventing to put your plans and ideas. To earn the gifts of Fortune are capricious, they will be able, by refusing other people’s opinions and develop their own point of view. This position will be a good to start a new life and the realization of plans which they refused because of their own shyness and fear to get sarcastic comments in the beginning.


They sincerely believe that happiness must be fought, and making a concerted effort to bring this belief to life. They have a natural stubbornness, which often prevents to make the right decision and to give where it is needed. It is important to learn to compromise, because destiny favors those who know when to give in and not to rely only on persistence, but a sense of proportion and intuition.


This sign is often inherent caution and daydreaming. Nature has given them many positive qualities, but his experience Cancers often do not spend on the fight for happiness. Their strategy is to hide from dangers in his own inner world and wait out the troubles in dreams and invented the happy images.

Become the darling of Fortune Cancer you can, if you learn how to achieve goals and overcome challenges with his head held high. This strategy helps to avoid pessimistic thoughts and give strength to fight with the internal uncertainty and desire to wait out bad weather.”


About categorization and pathological exaggeration of the representatives of this zodiac sign can be folded legends. Their unique ability to make mountains out of molehills prevent them to see the solution that lies on the surface. This feature attracts one problem after another, which, like an avalanche closing in on rams. Astrologers believe that Aries should take the world and to learn to trust people.

Aries as the air must be able to give people, where appropriate, and not try to do everything alone. Learning patience, this zodiac sign will get all the chances of success. Emotional control, problem solving with a reasonable approach and “cool head” will make it easier for these people life. Otherwise, the Rams are doomed for life to walk on the same rake.

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