The astrological forecast for July 2018 from Vasilisa Volodya for all Zodiac signs!

Астропрогноз на июль 2018 от Василисы Володиной для всех знаков Зодиака!

Thank you for a really good horoscope for July 2018 from Vasilisa Volodya!

I love predictions Vasilisa. She’s a very great professional. Mother and wife, therefore, very sensitive and caring. Each forecast is so pleasant, even the negative teaches gently.

Beautiful woman. Its popularity is very well deserved. Helps people. There is something to love her. My whole family listens to their predictions. Such people have the right to be called STARS — beautiful, clever and makes people laugh. Weather forecasts warn of the dangers, and I listen!

Astrology is a very important science. I advise everyone to be alert to these horoscopes. Of course, first and foremost listen to yourself and your heart but also listen to your favorite astrologer. To somebody you trust. For me, that’s for sure Vasilisa Volodina!

Horoscope for July 2018 from Vasilisa Volodya will help everyone to set priorities and determine plans. Her predictions are working to improve your life, and the action of the negative to minimize.

Here’s what the horoscope predicts for July 2018 from Vasilisa Volodya!

You are one of the few characters who the stars will allow you to enjoy to the fullest travelling in July. All your trips go well in the beginning of the month. But the second and third week will be devoted to work. This period will be a good springboard to start a career. Luck and home work associated with the repair, change of furniture or interior. Job, and enough! At the end of the month do not show great activity in serious cases. In these days of increased risk of costly mistakes and penalties for excessive initiative.

July in its beginning will not seem so welcoming. It will require you an exorbitant costs, and profit will be significantly cut. Not worth much upset. Losses are temporary, and compensation for them will get serious. Closer to the middle of the month the stars will introduce you to the future with a passionate love. However, there are not too care, by the way, does this need you’re in love or you already have everything. Will understand the course of “play”, and yet be the source of inspiration. By the end of July you will it is very need.

Increased vigilance regime you should include at the beginning of July. You seem an attractive target for fraudsters. But surprising what you can give in dubious undertakings. This was a bad idea. To disentangle its consequences will be long and tearfully. The risk of errors will not weaken and in the middle of the month. Double check the information even from people you trust. it is Not excluded that in such stressful circumstances, your body will lose a lot of energy. This is fraught with diseases. Enjoy a health at the end of the month.

starts the month hot, and it’s not about the weather. Sultry will your relationship. They “rewrite” the script all summer and give you feelings that you never thought possible. Fully give yourself to this pleasure in the first two weeks, and then get to work. It should be the priority, otherwise you may lose trust, or the work itself. At the end of the month be prepared to provocations. Use his famous foresight and do not go on about people with unhealthy ambitions.

The sky will hear those lions who were asking for money. Manna will fall in early July, which will allow you to review the plans for the holidays, improving its quality. This favourable circumstance will affect the equator of the month, when your financial support will require a close person. Thank you sincere love or a friendly participation in the acute moments. However, in late July, the tensions will increase. Beware of gossip and “friendly” gossips.

With the arrival of July in your life will knock the miracle. Your desires will be fulfilled without requests and long waits. But not in love. Big feelings will cause big problems provoked by the deception. You feel that you are in a deadlock from which there is not even a loophole. Do not knock at the closed door. Your open themselves, and behind them again a miracle, destined for your personal order. Thank yourself for your patience and endurance, and in late July, let yourself crazy whims. Believe me, there will be someone to fulfill!

Not an easy period will be for you the beginning of the month. Your poise and self-evaluation can test the strength. Don’t get involved in this insidious game. If you don’t accept, the provocateurs will remain with the nose. Otherwise, your excuses will be used against you, that will make you nervous for the whole month. And you can’t give up. Its middle and end are full of plans for the successful implementation of which you need confidence. In the future, big wins, just stick to your credo!

Don’t start in the beginning of the month no quarrels with colleagues, does not clarify the relationship with the family and not to succumb to provocations conflict of personalities. It can ignite a real war, only you will be. The second decade of the month will be favorable for the manifestation of professional talent. March them, the leadership will manifest itself very generously. The last week of the month threatens injury accidents. Why exclude any extreme sports, and one of the stairs and be careful with knives.

Transfer all your trips, trip, travel with the beginning of the month in the middle of it. Something that is doomed to failure during the first decade of July, will get a huge chance to succeed in the second. These days may a fateful acquaintance in the road, a real bargain at work or a good rest with interesting people. But not too zealous in eating and drinking. The weak point may be the stomach. Completed month global changes in worldview and spiritual development. In your life will be a reputable teacher or mentor.

Desire to work you will drive in early July. It’s good, but only if in moderation. However, the sense of proportion in this period you will change. Control your grip. Can hurt the quality of their work and their health. In the middle of the month you will have another unpleasant affair. Luck is about to turn away from you at the most inopportune moment. Don’t give up. She is naughty, but will give up if you don’t leave attempts to tame it. Perseverance you will require and the final of July. You’ll drop hopeless job. But it is for others it is hopeless. You will succeed!

To start a new month will have a savings, though a very strange economy. Stars will not allow you to spend on your needs or pamper yourself with some nice frills, but for others, especially others please. Once you decide to do charity, the money will find you. In the middle of the month and have to work. Fruitful your work will be only in the team, and the team will come sponsor. The end of the month will be remembered good advice from a wise man. Don’t ignore it!

The beginning of the month is a great time to renew relationships, lost connections, understanding. These contacts will bring new profitable acquaintances, will help to strengthen the business position. The second decade of July will be difficult, but easy to love. Some Fish will be decided on marriage. Will be able to relax at the junction of July and August. Best offer on leisure will find you right at home. Think and make a decision quickly, but use intuition. On the road do not take more money than they plan to spend.

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