The athlete fell at the finish line and completed the race on all fours

Спортсменка упала на финише и завершила марафон ползком

British athlete Hayley Carruthers never ran to the finish line at the marathon in London just a few meters. 25-year-old athlete fell to the ground, but she didn’t stop and the remaining distance they traveled on all fours, reports .

The incident occurred on Sunday, April 28. The girl practically ran the distance, but when approaching the finish line she wasn’t strong enough. She fell and then began to crawl. In the end she crossed the finish line.

The athlete in the future, are unable to stand, ran up to her, the organizers of the marathon. The girl on the stretcher carried away.

Haley assured fans on the social network that she was all right, later published a picture with the bandaged knees. Despite the incident, the athlete set a personal record – she ran the distance in 2 hours 34 minutes and 3 seconds.