The athletes behind the canadian olympic Committee

Les athlètes derrière le Comité olympique canadien

Canada was the first nation to withdraw its troops from coming Tokyo olympic Games in the event that they would be held, which seems less and less likely, relying on the statements of the member of the international olympic Committee (IOC) Dick Pound on Monday.

Before this decision, several representatives of the maple Leaf had praised the courage of the canadian olympic Committee (COC) on social media by sharing the slogan “pause today, conquer tomorrow’. However, this is not everyone who has appreciated the decision as you will see below.

Erica Wiebe has a broken heart

The olympic champion of wrestling in the last olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro, Erica Wiebe, was one of the first women athletes to speak up when the news came on at around 22 h, Sunday evening.

“Playing for Team Canada is the greatest privilege, she wrote on her Twitter account. I have the chance to do what I love and to represent a country that promotes the values of integrity, passion and who wants to be a true leader on and off the field. I’m on the podium in Rio and I would have loved to do it all over again in Tokyo. The decision of the COC not to send its athletes to the olympic Games me heart breaks. However, I admire their leadership in this time and I believe that we’re on the good side of the story. I hope that the IOC will make the right decision and postpone the Olympics in 2021. I hope they will use this opportunity to demonstrate integrity and put the humanity in the foreground. The most important thing at present is to protect the health and safety of our community. We need to focus on to manage this crisis and the cross together. For the moment, I do my part. I respect the social distancing and I make sure to stay in mental and physical health. I’ll be ready for the future, no matter what happens.”

Diana Matheson proud

Diana Matheson

The soccer player and member of the canadian team, Diana Matheson, did not hesitate to emphasize his pride to grow within a federation to which the health of its athletes premium.

“To be a member of Team Canada has always been one of the greatest honors of my life and, today, I am more proud than ever to be part of a team that has not hesitated to put the lives of Canadians and the global community in front of the sport”, wrote on his Twitter account, the one who had scored the winning goal in the 92nd minute of the match for the bronze medal at the London Games in 2012.

Assistance offered to athletes

After the announcement of the canadian olympic Committee, the wellness program of the canadian athletes, known as the “game Plan”, has released a message of support to the athletes of Canada as well as a “list of resources to support you and to which you have access.”

Brittany MacLean “blown away”

Brittany MacLean (3rd from the left)

A member of the quartet bronze medalist in swimming in the 4 x 100 m during the last olympic Games in Rio in 2016, Brittany MacLean has pointed out the resilience of his countrymen.

“I’m blown away by the athletes in this time. The quiet and the ability to put it in perspective – my god. You are inspiring and no one can take away from you. Your chance to shine will come. I am so proud to be canadian.”

Jacqueline Simoneau are asked to see beyond the sport

Synchronized swimmer Jacquline Simoneau

Synchronized swimmer Jacquline Simoneau has also welcomed the decision of Canada. In his eyes, it is important for the athletes not to think in function of their results.

“Much more than a performance, a record or a medal. We are part of something larger,” wrote on Twitter the native of Chambly.

Adam Van Koeverden think of the athletes

Adam Van Koeverden

Retired for a few years, Adam Van Koeverden has been keen to show support to the athletes who have been preparing for four years for the olympic Games.

“It is so difficult for so many athletes. However, this situation goes beyond the sport. The health and safety of our athletes, coaches, staff and supporters should be the priority. I am proud to[Team Canada] and [canadian paralympic Committee] have acted as a leader. To the athletes: we are behind you 100 %.”

Wise Watson and Justyn Knight ambivalent

Sage Watson

While the majority of the athletes have praised the fact that Canada was the first country to withdraw its athletes from the Games to Tokyo if they were to be held this summer, others have not hesitated to express their misgivings. The specialist in the 400 m hurdles, Sage Watson, criticized in the COC the fact that the athletes were not consulted.

“We need to focus on the pandemic, not on the sport, she wrote on Twitter. These decisions can wait. The IOC has been forced to postpone the Games, but to see the country withdraw without stick together frustrates me. This decision must be that of the WORLD, not the countries separated. Put the world first.”

For its part, the specialist of the 5000 m race Justyn Knight abounded in the same sense.

“I believe that there is nothing that press. If weeks/months go by and this still isn’t safe, I’ll be 100 % in agreement with the fact to postpone the olympic Games. I just don’t understand why an announcement was made as much in advance”, he writes in a long letter posted on Twitter.

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