The Audi will staff changes occur

В Audi произойдут кадровые перестановки

Marcus Duesmann will take the post of General Director of Audi with 1 April 2020.

50-year-old mechanical engineer will replace Bram Shota, who was appointed on June 2018.

Duesmann busy in the automotive industry almost thirty years, not so long as the Board member for purchasing at BMW. 58-year-old Bram Shot will leave at the end of March by mutual consent.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AUDI AG, Dr. Herbert Diess, gave a comment about the change on the post of the General Director: “Being a great engineer, Marcus Duesmann will do all that is possible to apply a large capacity of the Audi brand”.

At the same time, Dr. Diss thanked Bram shot which currently is the Chairman of the Board of Directors: “He took over the management of the AUDI AG in a time of extremely successful business management and took necessary actions. We say thank you to him for that.”

In terms of the most important decisions, the updated strategy Audi is the accelerated change in suppliers of sustainable mobility and strong decarbonization of the company.

The Chairman of the General industrial Council of AUDI AG Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board Peter Mauch: “We believe that Marcus Duesmann and his team will create a stable application production capacity of our plants and provide more opportunities to take the lead with technology.

We hope for a positive performance in the interests of the company’s employees and the company.” Mosh commented Bram Shota:” the Right man in the Audi at the right time.

He began a cultural transformation in the direction of fewer hierarchies, a clear system of values and greater openness. In mid-2018 Shot took responsibility for the company in a very difficult situation.”

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