The audience of Telegram exceeded 200 million users

Аудитория Telegram превысила 200 миллионов пользователей

The number of users who at least once came to the messenger Telegram during the month exceeded 200 million people. This became known from the message of the Telegram founder Pavel Durov company blog.

“Unlike other popular apps, Telegram no shareholders or advertisers to whom must report. We do not conclude agreements with market participants, data collectors, or government agencies,” — said Durov. “Since the launch in August 2013, we have not revealed to anyone else or bytes of personal data of our users to third parties. We work because of the perceived Telegram not as an application or organization. Telegram to us is an idea. The idea that everyone on the planet has the right to freedom”.

The company also expects that in the near future, classroom will press one of the first apps in the segment — Viber. However, the audience of Telegram, in comparison with the most popular instant messengers, very small. WhatsApp it is 1.3 billion users, Facebook Messenger is 980 million

While in Russia, Telegram is again under threat of blocking. On 20 March the Supreme court rejected the claim of the messenger about the cancellation of the orders of the FSB that determines the order of transmission of the encryption keys. Almost immediately, Roskomnadzor sent a Telegram notice of the necessity of the duties of the organizer of information dissemination. If the requirement keys is not executed within 15 days, the Roskomnadzor will be entitled to block the messenger. Pavel Durov refused to comply with the requirement of Roskomnadzor and promised that the Telegram would continue to “stand guard over freedom and privacy”.

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