The Augustinians of Quebec will walk for carers

Les Augustines de Québec vont marcher pour les soignants

Good weather, bad weather, the Augustinian Sisters of Quebec will walk daily for an hour, for 20 days, to honor the nursing staff and caregivers.

The nuns, whose average age is 70, want to solicit donations from the public to finance operations of the healing lodge, workshops and stays at preferential rates which will be offered to the soldiers health, which have fought the coronavirus, or who have never ceased to give of their time and their relatives during the pandemic.

“The Augustinians are the founders of our health system. They are accustomed to be in the action, having managed for several, several years of hospitals. They were trying to see how they could help” these people, they consider to affectionately as the “natural heirs,” says Isabelle Duchesneau, executive director of the Monastery of the Augustines.

Existing program

The money will be donated in a program of respite and healing that is offered from 2015 for this customer. In the past year, it has benefited more than 575 family caregivers, students, and caregivers who met certain eligibility criteria. Through this campaign, the sisters hope to perpetuate their mission and expand this program to more people, ” says Ms. Duchesneau.

Nine Augustinian Sisters still reside in the Old city. By chance, none of them has suffered from the COVID-19 up here. They are not looking to achieve a sporting performance, joke Ms. Duchesneau, but rather to launch a “movement of solidarity and compassion”.

“This is not a marathon, it is a walking symbolic”, she summarizes. According to their capabilities, starting from next Monday and until 4 July, a few of them realize each day a circuit of a few hundred meters through the monastery and its garden.


During this time, the monastery will broadcast news and information on the 380 years history of the Augustines on its social networks and its website.

It will be a question of pandemics past and other events that Quebec and the Augustines have gone through over the decades, scientific discoveries in the field of health that have marked the history. “For the population, there is a beautiful message of hope,” while the monastery is still standing and the mission of the Augustinians is still alive and well, think Ms. Duchesneau.

The goal is to “mobilize” at least 20 000 people across the province of Quebec, and to raise a minimum of $100,000.

“[This case] concerns us all very closely, because we all know someone who is a caregiver or a caregiver, and then we will all be in need of a caregiver [a day],” insisted Isabelle Duchesneau.


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