The Austrian President agreed with the Macron about “brain death” NATO

Alexander van der Bellen noticed that the EU often difficult to reach a consensus in foreign policy.

Президент Австрии согласился с Макроном о "смерти мозга" НАТО

VIENNA, 12 Nov. /TASS/. Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen agreed with the diagnosis of the President of France Emmanuel Makron in relation to European security and NATO. His assessment of the statements of Macron Austrian leader said after talks in Vienna with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.
Van der Bellen noticed that the EU often difficult to reach a consensus in foreign policy, because it requires the consent of all 28 countries, not just the President or foreign Minister of a particular country. “To come to a common opinion, often need a lot of time. I sometimes sneered: looking at the political structure of the EU affects not how much time is required and what is striking is that the EU exists at all”.

“You know the new initiative of the President of Macron, which has been expressed in the British magazine The Economist. I think macron at different points of the right about the diagnosis. How to get out of it, we’ll have a long talk,” said van der Bellen, answering a question of journalists on security in the EU.

On 7 November the President of France Emmanuel macron in an interview with The Economist magazine said that within NATO completely lost coordination, the Alliance is in a state of “brain death”. He also noted that Europe needs to start thinking about itself as an independent geopolitical force, otherwise it “will not control their destiny.” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed with the assessment Rules on the status of the Alliance.

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