The author of the novel one sentence long received the award in 100 thousand Euro

Автор романа из одного предложения получил премию в 100 тысяч евро

The plot of the novel occurs within 24 hours.

A novel by Mike McCormack “Solar Bones” was awarded the International Dublin literary award. The book consists of only one sentence, 270 pages, writes radio “Svaboda”.

The jury called the book of McCormack “technically ambitious, fearless, stylistically, linguistically exciting”.

The plot of the novel takes place during 24 hours on All saints Day when the dead can return to the world of the living. The story is told on behalf of the men — husband, father, engineer who settles scores with his own life, looking into the past and the future.

It is worth noting that the main character is dead. According to the author, this explains why the book is written in one sentence.

The book “Solar Bones” was among the nominees for the Pulitzer prize.

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