The average size for utility bills in October increased by 30%

Средний размер платежки за коммуналку в октябре вырос на 30%

The average family received a payment order on 940 UAH for housing services and increased debt

The debt of the population to pay for housing and communal services at the end of October 2019 amounted to 52.1 billion UAH, which is 1.1 billion UAH more than the previous month (51 billion).

According to the statistical Agency, at the end of October 2019 the debt of the population to pay for natural gas supplies stood at 22.9 billion, for Central heating and hot water supply – UAH 14.4 billion for the maintenance of houses and constructions and house adjoining territories – 5.0 billion UAH, for the centralized supply of cold water and drainage – 4,2 billion UAH, and for the removal of household waste – 0.8 billion UAH for the supply of electricity – 4.8 billion UAH

Average charges for utility services, including electricity (150 kWh), per the owner of the account in October 2019 amounted to 938,9 UAH 224,1 UAH more than in September (714,8 UAH).

Earlier, the state statistics Committee reported that average size of the bills in 2019 were:

January – 2693,2 UAH,February – 2660,6 UAH,March – 2296,5 UAH,April – 1191,9 UAH,May – 779,4 UAH,June – 659,6 UAH,July – 652,9 UAH,August – 667 UAH,September – 714,8 UAH.In October 2019, the population of the country paid for utility services 5.8 billion UAH (83.2% of the assessed during this period amounts) for the supply of electric power – 3,0 billion UAH (105,8%).

Recall, the debt of the population to pay for housing and communal services at the end of December 2018 was 55.6 billion. Thus, for 2018, the debt rose by 23.3 billion UAH.

The average nominal wage in October amounted to UAH 10727, an increase compared to October of last year by 16.4%. However, the level of wages, as before, below the peak reached in July (UAH 10971)

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