The Azerbaijanis fleeing from the flu healing broth

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Kaziev


Folk remedies for the prevention of colds is very popular in Azerbaijan. Most effective recipes in the reporting of the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Ramili Tagiyeva.

Winter arishta is the main dish of any Baku chef, Halima says Babayev. Residents are sure this noodle soup cures colds and flu due to the combination of beans, onion, plum, dried mint and vinegar with garlic.

“In the winter season, this soup is very popular. After the arishta from the body toxins, many people sweating, pores open,” says chef Halima Babayev.

Have Firuz Abdulla gizi your prescription health. After favorite soup for tea definitely delivers Cornel jam.

“I’m 87 years old and I’m still not used no medicine. At dogwood jam full of vitamin C, it copes with the symptoms of colds. Throughout the cold season everything about it is as prevention,” says the pensioner Firuz Abdulla gizi.

Treatment of folk remedies support and doctors. Hot soups, herbs and vitamins – the guarantee of health. For prevention doctors recommend to wash hands frequently and to wash the nose.

“Citizens are advised to eat more fruits, vegetables and berries. Despite zero temperature, it is necessary to dress warmly, get plenty of fresh air. Hot soups and broths is also required,” – said the main infectious diseases of Azerbaijan Jalal Isaev.

While the flu epidemic in Azerbaijan is not expected. However, the country has strengthened epidemiological surveillance.