The Aztecs are recommended: guacamole – delicious and very useful

Ацтеки рекомендуют: соус гуакамоле – вкусно и очень полезно

Cold Mexican appetizer guacamole has long since conquered the world. The secret of popularity is simple – only wholesome ingredients and familiar taste, which can perfectly solo or to set off bread, rice and everything, anything, notes the m24.

The roots of this traditional Mexican dishes take in the culture of the Aztecs. The main ingredient is indicated already in the title: “guacamole” from ahuaca-mulli, which from the language of the indigenous people of Mexico translates to “avocado sauce”. The first overseas tasters dishes are the Spanish conquistadors that came to Latin America in the early sixteenth century in search of gold. Guests called guacamole “the butter of the poor” and was not mistaken in 1998 avocado was in the Guinness Book of records as the most nutritious fruit in the world.

This sauce is extremely useful due to the avocado. This fruit contains lutein, essential for sharp vision, the antioxidant glutathione, which is a means of preventing multiple sclerosis, cancer, and diseases of the cardiovascular system, vitamin E and oleic acid. In addition, avocados have potassium, iron, magnesium and copper that are necessary for the normal development of bone and nervous system. In addition, avocado helps produce serotonin – the hormone of happiness.

Guacamole is typically eaten with corn chips, bread, meat, vegetables, rice and seafood. Thus, a menu with this sauce may be very diverse.

To try this sauce-a snack, not necessary to fly to Mexico or go to a restaurant. Making guacamole you can own a home. For this you will need: half a bunch of cilantro, two garlic cloves, onion, salt to taste, tomato, five avocado, three tablespoons of lemon juice. Press out the garlic and mix with salt. Onion, tomato and cilantro, chop as fine as possible. Make puree from the pulp of avocado. Serve and eat immediately certainly in good company.

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