the bad buzz of the “ecological” tree of the town hall of Lyon 4th

    the bad buzz of the “ecological” tree of the town hall of Lyon 4th

    Over 1,600 replies and 1,100 retweets. In less than a day, the tweet of the environmentalist mayor of the 4th district, Rémi Zinck, has taken on insane proportions.

    When the elected official published, Tuesday afternoon, four photos of the tree of his town hall, made of wooden sticks, pine cones and tips of branches, he surely did not expect to receive such a flood of derogatory remarks.

    Although some of the comments are positive, the vast majority of responses are ironic or even hostile.

    “It’s like replacing a prime rib with a hamburger”

    “He is disgusting”, “ignoble”, “dead wood”, “another environmental caricature”. Internet users let go, they make little wood from the “green” tree.

    “Next time, put a poster of a real Christmas tree, it will pollute less and it will be much prettier,” said one of them. “How many pieces of dead trees did it take to do it?” Adds another, or “It’s like replacing a prime rib with a minced steak”.

    That was for the “anonymous”. But the political and media sphere has also taken hold of the affair, even going beyond the borders of the Rhône.

    Aurore Bergé, LREM deputy for Yvelines, made her comment, as did actress Véronique Genest: “Welcome to Absurdism”, she writes.

    Fortunately, some lines are funny. Other Internet users are also wondering why this tweet is generating such a bad buzz.

    To believe that Rémi Zinck will soon be better known than the mayor of Lyon, Grégory Doucet …

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