The bad traits that attract other people

Плохие черты характера, привлекающие других людей 

In fact, our friends and family love us, even though we have a bad temper. Experts in psychology say that those traits that we consider to be its flaws, like everyone and bring us all new and new people.Excessive otkrovennosti know that openness is the first step towards a rapprochement with the man. Extraordinary candor can carry both negative and positive. The desire to tell all about his life can form a negative impression about the person. So when you tell someone about yourself, then be careful this is not turned against you.Neologistika you are a little clumsy, it does not matter. Such people inspire confidence in others. It is scientifically proven that near clumsy people others feel more confident and relaxed.The love adventures of women and men like people who are not afraid to take risks. They are ready at any time to make drastic. With such people, you will never get bored, in every case they will be able to cheer you.Dramaticheskaya excessive candor may impact negatively on your relationship with the person. But what you under any circumstances ready to tell people the truth and not gossip behind his back, causing most people’s confidence.Embarrassment and skromnosti people are starting to blush and be embarrassed, it looks very nice. Modest and quiet people are trustworthy, they are easy and interesting to talk to. Such people deserve love, attention and respect.Inflated samoocenkoi and women with self-esteem, inspire confidence in others. Such people are confident in tomorrow and know for sure I can achieve all of your goals.

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