The balance sheet of the pandemic in Spain goes under the 400 dead in 24 hours

Le bilan de la pandémie en Espagne passe sous les 400 morts en 24 heures

Madrid | The balance sheet daily of the new coronavirus in Spain increased Monday to below 400 deaths for the first time in four weeks, to $ 399 deaths, announced Monday the ministry of Health.

The number of cases detected has exceeded the cap of 200 000, 200, 210, while the country that paid the heaviest tribute to the pandemic behind the United States and Italy, multiplies the tests. He has directed over 40 000 per day, according to the minister of Health, el Salvador Illa. The number of people being cured rises to 80 587.

The balance sheet daily had already been reduced to 410 people dead Sunday, a sharp decline in deemed encouraging by the health authorities, who hope to have passed the peak of the pandemic in early April.

The decrease in the number of the dead, but also hospitalizations and admissions to intensive care has relieved the health system, overwhelmed for weeks.

A large field hospital installed in the buildings of the trade fair of Madrid has closed at the end of week one of the two pavilions occupied.

A morgue improvised in a skating rink nearby needs to close Wednesday, announced the Madrid region, the most affected country with more than 7000 dead.

Spain is entering its sixth week of confinement, which must be prolonged until may 9, inclusive. The children will be allowed out for the first time to take air from the 27th of April, in conditions which remain to be clarified.

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