The BAPE loan hearings online this summer

Le BAPE prêt à des audiences en ligne cet été

The BAPE says it is ready to hold hearings entirely online, this summer, to review the draft tram ride from Quebec to the magnifying glass.

“If the minister gives us the mandate, it is realistic to think that we can start the hearings online at the end of June or early July,” said Pierre Turgeon, spokesperson for the BAPE (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement), on Wednesday.

The latter added that the priority of his agency will be to ensure the participation of the largest number of citizens and organizations ” to this process, which could take place entirely by internet. “We do that by respecting our mission. It is not necessary that this be hearings bogus “.

The mayor Labeaume recalled on Wednesday that the current schedule provides for a start of the hearings in mid-June. He mentioned wanting to ” ensure that the environmental process is done as expected. I understand that the BAPE is in agreement and is entitled to proceed quickly “.

Once the health crisis ended, the government Legault says he wants to accelerate the achievement of this mega-project.

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