The battery of the sea water will be better than lithium-ion?

Батарейка из морской воды будет лучше литиево-ионной?

IBM reported that its experts have developed a new production technology and the structure of the battery, which on a number of indicators will surpass the popular lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, as the basic material for the manufacture of batteries don’t need rare and harmful metals such as Nickel and cobalt. All three of the key mineral needed for the manufacture of the miracle of the batteries can be removed from normal sea water. No mines and quarries. The pipe in the sea and went!

The study is in its early stages of development. However, modeling allows us to expect that new materials for anodes, cathodes and electrolyte are promising batteries will be safer in terms of fire risk (they have a high ignition temperature), will have a lower density of energy than lithium-ion batteries (800 watts/l) and provide a higher specific power density (10 000 W/l).

The charge to 80 % of the volume in just 5 minutes ― is this not the dream of fans of electric cars? Besides, as mentioned above, extraction of raw materials for the production of advanced batteries will be very cheap, which will bring the cost of batteries is even lower than the price level for lithium ion batteries. Inexpensive, safe, capacious and impact of the high power batteries can flip avtomobilestroenie and aircraft. Because aircraft on electricity even more depend on the parameters of a battery that promises to fix IBM.

Despite the fact that the studies are at an early stage, IBM has already signed contracts for the joint development of a new generation of batteries and infrastructure for the improvement and production of Mercedes-Benz Research Development North America, Central Glass and Sidus. Such a broad Alliance in the early stages of development suggests that for bravura statements IBM stands for something meaningful and promising in the relatively near term.