The battle of “patriots”

Битвы "патриотов"

Up relations between the US and Turkey from the bottom?

Rather, instead of “patriots” would be better to use the term “nationalists”. And trump place and the place uses that word and tries it to confirm. Erdogan also all their actions, though not always correctly understood by the citizens of the country asserts itself in this role. On the other hand, this ritual the meeting was necessary for both sides, based on different from the declared goals.

Most analysts who should be trusted, predicted in advance that the meeting will be in General barren. Loud with the base of the trump thesis, we are going to discuss the s-400 only loose the fog. “The acquisition of s-400 creates for us a very serious problem,” said trump. “I hope we can resolve this situation”.

It is clear that to disavow these SAM anymore. An important reason for this unexpected meeting was the impeachment proceedings launched by Democrats. Trump is now needed is a loud, prolonged, even blank shots. It is important to, first, to drown out the cries of the Democrats in the intelligence Committee. Second, to show that he is a skilled negotiator in the interests of the United States, is able to “fool” the opponent. Thirdly, he hoped most to undermine, to violate the agreement between Ankara and Moscow on Syria. Finally, he tried to show American society that he’s a tough politician who does not forgive the betrayal of allies.

As an experienced newsman, and not too savvy politician, trump in such negotiations primarily relies on loud flashy support them. Traditionally during negotiations and press conference, he had called Erdogan a “good friend” and promised that he was confident in the success of the negotiations. At the time, as sophisticated Erdogan knows that any promises at the talks then speak as harshly in Turkish society, and in relations with its partners.

Want Erdogan to help his American colleague, not dropping points in the domestic political market, and not bringing down the credibility with the Kremlin?

Trump was expected under fire from Democrats for meeting with Erdogan. The minority leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., said it was “stunning” and “disastrous” for trump to deploy the red carpet for Erdogan after the invasion of Syria.

It is noteworthy that on the initiative trump the Turkish President met with five Senate Republicans, who initially insisted on punishing Ankara for the purchase of s-400, raised the question of Turkey’s membership in NATO. You know what? To Erdogan realized what a tough position facing the White house when plans to establish, in spite of everything, friendly relations with Erdogan.

True, there were supporting ideas of the President. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, expressed some hope. “If we can solve these two issues (the s-400 system and attacks the Turks on the Kurds), I think there is a huge opportunity for trade, a huge strategic cooperation, but these two issues are real and significant,” said Cruz.

There is another question: why the Turkish President has agreed to come to Washington, knowing that to meet the requirements of trump he’s not going, but he will have to withstand serious pressure and even perhaps offensive the demand of the American elite? Moreover, the Congress recently passed insulting Turkey a resolution recognizing the “Armenian genocide” during the Ottoman Empire. And what trump has called Erdogan almost a fool. Perhaps, in order to publicly back an insulting letter to Trump. And of course, let’s not forget that the US remains a major trading partner of Turkey, including NATO.

Of course, there was such hope from Erdogan that will be able to keep the contract for the F-35, as well as the purchase of US components and spare parts for American military equipment, which previously generously supplied Turkey. It is not excluded that Ankara is thus trying to prevent new sanctions for C-400 and to soften the old. But his hopes were in vain. “NATO is no place for large-scale military purchases from Russia. And our President bring it to consciousness Erdogan in plain text, when he is here in Washington,” interpreted the intentions trump his assistant for national security R. O’brien. Perhaps because of such threats, Erdogan has thrown the White house a bone. As compensation Erdogan offered to buy us air defense system “Patriot”. But he would not be Erdogan, if not added: “if Washington will offer acceptable conditions.”

Obviously, going to Washington, Erdogan understood that a waiver program s-400 will not. Moreover, the fact that the military contract with Moscow marks a new phase of Turkey in world politics. The purchase of s-400 are equivalent to the Declaration of independence, as one Turkish Minister. And, remember, deprivation of Turkey’s F-35 also does not frighten Ankara, because she is ready to buy instead of the MiG-35.

The conventional wisdom is that this “warm welcome” and “constructive negotiations” came to nothing. This is the state of the American edition, including “Associated press”. The same verdict is issued by independent analysts, not interested in slandering another trump. Moreover, these talks are more necessary to the White house. It’s no wonder trump has promised Erdogan to quadruple the trade between the two countries, and, moreover, “to circumvent the anti-sanctions” imposed on Turkey by the Congress. “We believe that can very quickly increase the volume of trade between our countries to $ 100 billion,” said trump.

If included, knew whether the participants of the American – Turkish negotiations in this result? I’m guessing Yes. What he said just a little over an hour suggests that any revolutionary solutions to discuss was not necessary. After trump and Erdogan said that entrusted the resolution of the key contradictions of their Ministers for foreign Affairs, defence and assistants on national security generally posed the question of how and why the two leaders met.

As rated one of the analysts, the meeting was negotiations friends on the controversy. Relations between Ankara and Washington remain at the bottom.

Although I would agree with one of the experts on Turkey. He stressed that the invitation to Erdogan for talks in Washington suggests that the geopolitical weight of Ankara has increased significantly. As if to confirm this, on return to Ankara, Erdogan said that to refuse to deal With-400 it is not going to. That is the icing on the cake.Alexander Bulavin