The beautiful days arrive, but the measures of distance remain

Les beaux jours arrivent, mais les mesures de distanciation restent

The weather should improve in the coming weeks. The temptation might be great to take the opportunity to go out and meet his relatives.

If you just want to celebrate the arrival of spring by a great barbecue, it is better to think twice.

Less of warnings, a lot more fines

In recent weeks, the measures of social distancing and containment have been progressively put in place.

Some gestures that were highly discouraged then became prohibited.

In the Face of non-compliance of certain measures, the authorities called for more firmness to enforce the guidelines, and the fines were not slow to multiply.

Forget the barbecue with the whole family

Nothing prevents you from making your first bbq in your backyard with the loved ones who live under your roof. But if you had in mind to invite the whole family, or even if you thought to invite a single friend, or your grandmother, forget it ! Whether it be inside or outside, this kind of gathering is currently prohibited !

If you violate this rule, you could receive a fine of $ 1000 to $ 6000 ! Note, also, that in the event of termination have recently multiplied.

The grand air, under conditions

If you are not in a situation that requires you to isolate yourself completely, you can go outside, provided they comply with a distance of 2 meters with the other people.

Attention : isolation is mandatory in certain situations : for example, if you go travel, you need to isolate yourself without leave for 14 days. Those who do not respect this rule risk a fine of up to $ 750,000, or even the prison !

Les beaux jours arrivent, mais les mesures de distanciation restent

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