The beauty of intergenerational

La beauté intergénérationnelle

Unfortunately, the current crisis of the COVID-19 highlighted our vulnerability. The older people, the teenagers also. The solitude, as the virus has wreaked havoc. I hope that it has become aware, through all the sadness of the events, of the importance that each generation can bring to others. And that the word family brings to all ages. On our screens, it is not uncommon to see the links forged between the generations, as evidenced by the following series.

Fine ailments

What a beautiful character as that of Monique (Michèle Deslauriers), mother of Martin (Matte). A little groupie, she is present to her son and her grandchildren, she keeps to the occasion. For her, there are no taboos or complex. With age, Monique was visibly emancipated and likes even to mention his sex life, which makes his son uncomfortable, and that makes him smile his grandchildren.

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This was not obvious to Monique (Marie-Thérèse Fortin) and Peter (Mark Messier) to reopen their home to their daughter Karen (Catherine-Anne Toupin) and his boyfriend Patrick (Antoine Bertrand). Despite an adaptation not always obvious, they are people of family. The arrival of a new baby has disrupted their daily lives. The parents of Patrick (Diane Lavallée and Luc Senay) is now in the portrait, a competition was also installed to know who were the best grandparents. The small is so well surrounded !

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Unfortunate tendency to run away

Of the difficult history that is that of Fanny (Ludivine Reding), there is a beautiful complicity with his grand-mother (Danielle Proulx), a woman is empathetic, open and caring. If Fanny feels judged and misunderstood by his parents, it is with Manon, in whom she has confidence, she finds her solace, a confidante, but even a savior in any way.

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Leo (Fabien Cloutier) has built a beautiful relationship with Yvon, his father (Julien Poulin), who raised him alone. Although he did not have much education, it is a man magnet. He is very proud that her son be taken in hand, and aspire to have a beautiful life with her Cindy (Marie-Laurence Moreau). It will be a good grand-daddy always ready to tell a story. The relationship is more tense on the side of the father-in-law (Daniel Gadouas), in mourning and in some way her ex-son-in-law, who was in more ways. But the disease of Ginette (Micheline Bernard) will make it more human.

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Discussion with my parents

Francois Morency) phone regularly to his parents to take to their new. They have a beautiful relationship marked regularly by a shock-generational friendly. Jean-Pierre and Rollande (Vincent Bilodeau and Marie-Ginette Guay) are also very close to their grandson Nicolas (Charles-Emile Lafleur), who is studying law. Claimant, and activist, a communist, tell François, Nicolas means particularly well with his grand-dad that he advises often. A beautiful, dynamic, full of humor between the three generations.

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The blue hour

The authors Michel D’astous and Anne Boyer have the usual large family histories, in which all the generations are involved. As we saw in Yamaska with the Harrison and Brabant in particular. Here, Anne-Sophie (Céline Bonnier) expected probably not to be such a young grandmother. If she didn’t have much accompanied by his teenage daughter (Alice Morel-Michaud) during her pregnancy, it is present since the birth of the little Charlot. It has been a new home-it to accommodate his grandson and Clara, so that it can resume his life and studies in hand. Three generations cohabit under the same roof with a lot of autonomy and freedom.

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Mémoires vives

One of the qualities of the author Chantal Cadieux is to build on the strength of the family. She had done with Providence, who portrayed the daily life of a family business. Here, Claire Hamelin (Marie-Thérèse Fortin) is the unifying. It is in it that have 5 to 7 watered with the girls, meals with the family where four generations gather. Around Clear, there is especially his daughters, Flavie (Catherine Renaud) and Mathilde (Charli Arcouette), then Laurie (Sophie Heaven), Nicholas (Patrick Drolet), the son of her ex, her three small children who crawl a lot. There are also his parents, Claudette (Monique Mercure) and Antoine (Albert Millaire).

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Letting go

One of the quests of this series focuses on motherhood. Valerie (Sophie Cadieux) wants to be a good mother to Thomas (Thomas Hébert). She wants to be as good in everything else. And especially not to be like her mother. Madeleine (Sylvie Léonard), ex-journalist, a bit narcissistic, has not been very present. It does not excel in human relationships. But they cannot do without one another, and both are inhabited by a same malaise, but take different ways to get out of it. There are also Gilles (Gildor Roy), father of Valerie. Good living in, working in, the less in touch with his emotions. But he watches over his family. A nice gang who has learned to tolerate and to love each other, too, so that the family continues to grow.

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Another story

Anemone (Marina Orsini) is also a young grandmother. If she has abandoned her first family, she is very close to the second cocoon that she has created. The crowd is often large when his son, Simon (Mikhaïl Ahooja) shows up with her two children. There is also Olivia (Laurence Module) and Karla (Marilou Morin), who just had a little girl, Lan. The fun is contagious. His tribe is joined. With the illness which threatens, she will have support. At the end of the season, Anemone agreed also to review her first three children. She also has two granddaughters. The wounds are healing, but maybe will happen it to re-create this complicity so precious that it was with his second family.

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5e rank

Marie-Luce (Maude Guérin) is also a young grandma. Her daughters, she has had young. Kim (Catherine Brunet) has a 5 year old daughter, Camille, and Julie (Marie-Ève Milot) has a little boy that she left behind in Germany, where lives his wife. All live under the same roof to ensure the prosperity of the family farm.

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In any case

Danielle (Guylaine Tremblay) left the region to settle in Montreal and be closer to her children Chloe (Anne-Élisabeth Bossé) and Fred (Mickaël Gouin). He has a daughter and leads to the perfect happiness. Danielle is outgoing, talks a lot, says what she thinks and can be invasive. But it has the easy happiness, which complex, sometimes her daughter. From time-to-time, everyone take the news of Claudette (Clémence Desrochers), mother of Danielle, part live a life of zen where it is warm. You can see here that the apple did not fall next to the tree !

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