The beginning of monetization grants: innovation of registration and accounting of state aid

Who has the right to move for state aid cash you need, as well as innovations in subsidies act in the new year.

Початок монетизації субсидій: нововведення оформлення та обліку держдопомоги

Monetization of subsidies for housing and utility services, which was launched on 1 January, should be completed before October 1, 2019 – said the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva, informs Rus.Media.

As explained to Reva, the monetization will take place in three phases, the first began on 1 January. Recipients of cash will be those who have applied for state aid on 1 January 2019, and for the first time. The Minister said that such people will be a little – no more than 100 thousand, since the bulk of the grants issued prior to the beginning of the heating season in September and October 2018, now there are up to 5 million families. For such subsident nothing will change until the end of the season may 1. Then those who receive grants and summer (30%), it will be necessary to re-execute the statement.

And only since October 1, 2019 will be able to apply for re-registration “on the monetization of” all other subsidence. Those who do not, will not be reassigned. The mechanism of monetization such: each recipient of subsidies after the processing of applications and appointments of state aid, will automatically open an account in Sberbank with spetsrezhimom use. Funds from the account will automatically go to pay for the services in this order: gas, heat, electricity, water, and other services. Sberbank will be a monthly report subsident SMS-coy of cash flow and their balance.

After the end of the heating season – from June to savings amount, if any, are listed on current accounts subsident, and they can be used at their discretion. Experts say that in private homes to save on heating gas, in an apartment where there is no heat meters, as most of them – only on the consumption of water and electricity.

In the Ministry also promised to subsidize the cost of installation, maintenance, and replacement of water meters and heat cost subscription service in apartment buildings according to individual agreement. But the order of such compensation has not yet been developed.

We also include the income statement, which is submitted with the application for the subsidy: it includes data on the amount of alimony paid by household members. Also to the family income when considering an application for a subsidy now will include three virtual subsistence level for able-bodied (5763 UAH) on each of those of working age if they suffer from long-term, are cancer patients, drug and alcohol addicts. In all of these cases require documentary confirmation of the diagnoses.