The behavior of the child that talking about abuse in the development of

Some oddities in the behavior of the child should alert parents?

Особливості поведінки дитини, які кажуть про порушення в розвитку

In recent years children increasingly suffer from various mental disorders. Some of them can greatly complicate a man’s life, and some subtle other people’s eyes, informs Rus.Media.

The most frequent violations in the development of children lately: autism, hyperactivity, dyslexia and dysgraphia. Statistically, boys suffer from these disorders twice as often than girls and the causes can be very different: a difficult birth, a disease of women during pregnancy, prematurity, low weight at birth. As to notice of violation, to correct or eliminate them.

Особливості поведінки дитини, які кажуть про порушення в розвитку

Disorders autistic spectrum. Unfortunately, in today’s world the diagnosis is not uncommon, more common in girls than in boys. These disorders can be very heavy and can be light, which can be corrected. There are certain signs that will help parents to smell a rat:

  • the child prefers to spend time alone;
  • avoids to look in the eye;
  • incapable of empathy (different emotions);
  • does not respond to name;
  • repeats the same action (swinging, long swinging, rhythmically pounding on something);
  • puts toys in a row;
  • does not understand and uses gestures and facial expressions;
  • afraid of even the slightest changes (a change of scenery, a permutation);
  • afraid to try new foods and to change food habits;
  • there are problems with potty training;
  • may have to look at different objects, to smell them, to touch.

ADHD. The attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity more common in twins or premature babies, boys more common than girls. ADHD is diagnosed not earlier than four years and recurring symptoms, among them:

  • the child is unable to concentrate long enough in class that she’s not interested;
  • no perseverance, the child is constantly fidgeting and looking around;
  • some bright objects can easily distract even from favorite activities;
  • not in control of his emotions;
  • constantly interrupts others, very impatient.

Особливості поведінки дитини, які кажуть про порушення в розвитку

Dysgraphia. This disorder is associated with difficulties in learning writing and is most often found in children with hyperactivity with impaired hearing and vision. The problem can be solved with the help of systematic studies on the development of fine motor skills and workout of the letter.

  • in the letter the child confuses similar sounds “d” and “t”, “C” and “C”, “C” and “TS”;
  • swaps the syllables and letters in words, extra letters;
  • not able to agree on gender and number, writes the words together with prepositions;
  • writes very slowly and carefully, but the handwriting is still bad;
  • in difficult cases the child not only writes correctly, but says.

Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a congenital disorder associated with reading. It affects about 80% of people who do not read. If you notice a violation and to take to the specialist, the violation is correctable. Dyslexia may be suspected if:

  • it’s a wonderful idea, but other skills are well developed;
  • want to learn to read and to practice reading;
  • could not retell the text because does not understand the contents of the read;
  • the child is forgetful, restless, always in the clouds;
  • incorrectly holding a pen and pencil to retrain impossible.