The best beaches of the southern hemisphere

Where to relax in the winter.

Кращі пляжі південної півкулі

If you like warm weather, we’ll tell you where to go for summer. While residents of the Northern hemisphere wrap up in sweaters and jackets in South reigns full summer. So make topics, mnebbi and swimsuits in a suitcase and go from cold winter to hot summer, reports Rus.Media.


The most famous beach of Brazil, Copacabana in Rio de Jainero. It is so big that there are football matches, and reigns all year round fun. This Brazilian beach is known all over the world. Ipanema is the second most popular beach in Rio de Janeiro. It is located near the affluent neighborhoods of the city, Leblon and Arpoador.

If you want privacy and relaxation, you should go to a Brazilian beach Gerceker in the state of ceará. It attracts travelers not only relaxed, gorgeous coastline, but also availability of accommodation and recreation, and ample opportunities for water sports.


The largest beach Aregentine length of 17 km is located in the city of Mar del Plata. Translated from Portuguese Mar del Plata means silver sea. Before to visit this beach could only people with high income, but now this beach is accessible to all, however, is divided into zones: in the South, the former resting elite, in the Northern part – families with children, and the center can be visited by everyone.

In Aregentina are two more famous beaches luxury: Pinamar and Carlo. If you need relaxation and unity with nature we recommend to visit the beach in Necochea. These beaches will enjoy not only the peaceful atmosphere and untouched beauty of nature, but also budgetly. Here come the travelers who prefer peace and want to save money.


The average tourist can easily tell you about the beaches in Turkey, Egypt and Europe, however, unlikely to hold a tour of the beaches COUPLES. And in vain, because a country with a subtropical climate offers beach vacation about 7 months of the year. Except the warm waters of the Indian ocean you will not leave indifferent the wildlife of the African continent.

The beaches of port Elizabeth are characterized by their multifunctional: for adults here you can go surfing and swimming, children will love to Oceana, ekstremalam – to swim with the sharks. Close to beaches, tourist destinations of the country. To find peace of mind and truly experience the wildlife of Africa is worth a visit Bloubergstrand.

Only here you can enjoy the serenity, have a glass of red wine and just enjoy the enchanting views from the shore. If you want to see whales go to Grotto beach. These huge animals close to shore that can be effortless to observe them.


Ten thousand Australian beaches, stretching along the coast, perhaps the main wealth of the continent. Beaches Australia is not just a place to enjoy the sun and water, many of them located close to the national parks, so in these parts it is possible to combine natural and beach holidays. One of the most famous can be called White haven beach on Whitsunday island. This beach is inside a national Park, so nature is preserved here in its original form.

Near the shore you can watch the game of the dolphins. No less beautiful is the beach of turquoise Bay. Its territory is one of the most beautiful reefs in the world – Ningaloo. Scuba diving enthusiasts should visit turquoise Bay. Beach inspiration, harmony and beautiful events in Western Australia, according to media reports, is Cable beach. The unusual name comes from the fact that in 1889 through the beach was laid the first Telegraph cable.

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