The best diet for cancer patients

Определены лучшие диеты для онкобольных

Scientists will determine how exactly you should eat for cancer patients. The staff of the center of medicinemany at Columbia University in new York, preparing to begin the most extensive finding on the question of the influence of diet on the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

The volunteer group will include 40 people who will be the first of dozens of similar groups in the U.S. and Europe, the initial phase involves conducting a study involving patients diagnosed with lymphoma and carcinoma of the endometrium. It deals specifically with those individuals who are not helped by the chemotherapy. Subsequently to this experiment should attract a group of women suffering from breast cancer. All patients will receive past clinical studies drug Alcopa. In most cases it is quite ineffective, however, experiments with animals have demonstrated the effect on the quality of work when modifying the diet, reducing the production of insulin in the body. The participants of the experiment will have to comply with the ketogenic diet, almost entirely eliminating the intake of carbohydrate foods in favor of high-fat and protein foods.

“The drug in combination with a low insulin level suddenly becomes very effective. The diet itself works as a medicine” — said the head of the experiment, oncologist Siddhartha Mukherjee.

The idea to combine medication with diet appeared during the research of the effectiveness of such drugs, designed to withstand PI3K mutations are present in 40% of patients with certain types of cancer. Despite multimillion dollar investments in development of drugs, drugs still have a way to go to improve survival of carriers of the relevant mutations. Scientists have noted that different participants of the first clinical trials of these drugs can develop diabetes. First, the connection between disease and drugs are not revealed, but then it turned out that Alcopa and analogs of this drug affect the metabolism, stimulating the production of insulin, whereas the latter reactivates metabolism in the mutant cells, suppressed by medication. As a result of illness help to spread throughout the body. As one of the replacements of the diet is considered a powder containing all the necessary human amino acid, excluding serine.

Doctors have warned cancer patients against self-medicating with these kinds of diets. Scientists stress that while there is no reason to assume that the ketogenic diet can fight cancer on their own, without any additional drugs. In some cases it can even worsen the condition of patients. Controlled study with the participation of dozens of patients will allow for questions regarding the effect of nutrition on the development of the disease in individual cases.

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