The best lover Zodiac Sign

Самый лучший любовник по Знаку Зодиака

Here they are the best lovers in the Zodiac Sign.

Sexual relationship in a pair – one of the most difficult issues, so consider them through some narrow prism impossible.

The temper of a man depends on many factors: upbringing, mindset, nutrition, mood, astrology. For all women it is important that in sex the man was on top, surprised, satisfied. Proven that men born under different Zodiac signs differ not only in everyday life but also in bed.

Sex: Signs of water

We are talking about Cancers, Pisces and Scorpios. Despite the fact that these three signs of the Zodiac share one element, they differ in temperament. Cancers are considered incurable romantics and often build a sexual relationship on the ground of cloying. Here are beautiful words, a lot of foreplay. Fish more rough in bed, unable to use the elements in the spirit of bdsm. Scorpions – inventive lovers, which will never be bored, as they do not tolerate the ordinary and often experiment.

Sex: the Signs of the earth

To the earth element are Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus. Capricorn of the trio – a man is selfish, he gets more than he gives. But sometimes the Capricorn is able to deliver high. With a Virgin woman wonder naked sexy rude and feel like the heroine of the trilogy “50 shades of grey”. As for Taurus is the leader among lovers! He feels the desires of a woman like no other, he is inventive and resourceful, most important for him to meet a mistress.

Sex: the Signs of air

Under the element of air located Gemini, Aquarius and Libra. Aquarius men go on sexual temperament with Virgins, and is able to surprise the woman, offering her in bed to use a whip, handcuffs, all kinds of clamps. Gemini is more sensual and romantic. Scales peculiar to the manipulation of the partner. They are ready for experimentation, but within certain limits.

Sex: Signs of fire

Fire signs – Sagittarius, Leos, Aries. Sagittarius, and Capricorn loves himself more than a partner, and therefore, experiencing pleasure in sex, not think, did he get pleasure to a woman. Gathering him in temperament, the male lion. He is waiting for female attention and admiration in the party. Aries can be attributed to the sprinters. These signs prefer fast sex, and therefore often give birth to an affair on the side.

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