The best of the “rap keb’ of the last decade

Le meilleur du «rap keb» de la dernière décennie

Sandra Godin and
Cédric Bélanger

Long snubbed by ADISQ and on commercial radio, hip-hop has finally earned its letters of nobility. The Journal has mandated three of its journalists, to draw up a list of 15 pieces of rap québécois (the famous “rap keb”), which are among the best of what emerging and established artists have done in the last decade. Here, we put aside the “old wolves” to make room for the new guard!


MGM : Hello, dear colleagues! At any lord, all honor. I want to start this list with the obvious choice : Loud. Of course, I could name its very popular All women know how to dance, who broke through the tight market of commercial radio. But I rather want to go with the excellent TTTTT and its rise as a crescendo that makes the song epic, and nothing less. These things, they take time…

  • To listen to the same artist : All the women know how to dance, Medals

Sky, Fouki, and Alicia Moffet

SG : any chance, you choose my favorite song from Loud! I also have a blow of heart for the young FouKi, whose ascent has been meteoric. His rap melodic, with hints of reggae and folk, pleases me very much. The song that he comes out with Alicia Moffet, Heaven, will come as easily as one of the hits of the summer. What do you think, Cedric?

  • To listen to the same artist : Whoosh, ZayZay

Lonely, Brown

CB : Hello Sandra. I will reserve my judgment. All the ingredients are there, but who can predict what songs cartonneront during a pandemic? It could be taken by surprise as I have been, in early 2016, when a dad and his two sons have united to hip-hop. Project Brown, which is thriving since I was Lonely, for the heaviness of his beats that wake up the amateur of old rap me.

  • To listen to the same artist : Brown Baby, Tomorrow Night

It that it was, Alaclair Ensemble

MGM : let’s Continue with the “gang of thin” by excellence : Alaclair Ensemble. Hard to forget one of the pieces of hip-hop québécois the most well-known recent years. With the very eye catching It as it was, the collective has crossed in the mainstream, and has even built an audience overseas. If there is something that you get bored with the pandemic, what are the concerts of Alaclair, which are always pure moments of emotional release class.

  • To listen to the same artist : Put respect in your tray, FLX

Oh Boy !, Dead Obies

SG : Speaking of emotional release class, it reminds me that it is a show of the Dead Obies and I attended a few years ago, which kindled my interest in hip-hop québécois. Their latest album, Dead, launched in 2019, which proves that the group has very well survived the departure of Yes McCan. Oh Boy ! demonstrates that the Dead Obies can rely on the rhythms devilishly effective VNCE CARTER, one of the best “beat makers” in Quebec.

  • To listen to the same artist : Where They @, Doo Wop

You have not believed, Sarahmée

CB : It’s good stuff, but it lacks of girls. It’s good, it has good in Quebec. To begin with Sarahmée, and I just love the attitude uninhibited and thy rebellious on this rap feminist with a melody that moves more than the average in the “rap keb”. Z are ready for the “riot”, ” gang?

  • To listen to the same artist : Local, Fabulous

Impatient, Mary-Gold

MGM : let’s Continue the “riot” with Mary-Gold, then! On Impatiens, the rapper sings, “Everything comes to those who wait”, a phrase for the less prophetic with the pandemic, which has forced the shutdown of all the cultural activities for several months! Even if she has to take his evil in patience these days, I have no hesitation for the rest of his young career, which is already the “gold bar”.

  • To listen to the same artist : Gulls, is Pushing your luck

Ra Ra, Naya Ali

SG : If it is the sometimes plays the “bad girl”, Naya Ali please me with his music accessible and imprint of positivism. “Negativity is out of the equation“, says the rising star in Ra Ra, an excerpt of which was marked in a beautiful way, his arrival on the hip-hop scene in quebec. His phrasing impeccable, and biting has nothing to envy to the veterans.

  • To listen to the same artist : Get It Right, Godspeed

Genie, Wench

CB : another girl, a different universe, far from the style fit-in a Naya Ali. Genie, it’s a rap near the song, musically more languorous, I see the influence of current rock. It is also the work of a rapper-artist who spends far too much under the radar.

  • To listen to the same artist : Cooler, Jealousy

Five to seven, Koriass

MGM : It is fine to put the spotlight on artists who have less! But here, I want to follow up with one of the rappers who has the most to say about him in the last decade : Koriass. Five to seven is one of those songs that can hook even the music lovers less lovers of hip-hop. And let’s face it that it is rather heart-wrenching to hear about five to seven when the bars are closed for two months!

  • To listen to the same artist : Blacklights, a Child of the asphalt

Beautiful, Souldia

SG : If Koriass is one of the heavy weights of our rap scene, Souldia is the enfant terrible. His years of setbacks and controversies are the result of texts crus which make its fame. But it can also become particularly poignant, as in the Magnificent, where he makes a touching tribute to his father. What I appreciate of Souldia and that’s reflected in this song, it is his tone asked, unlike some rappers, for which the speed of the “flow” is almost a competition.

  • To listen to the same artist : Backstage, New sun

Snow Love, Maybe Watson

CB : this One is for my oldest, Kim and Will. At home, this tribute franglais completely offbeat and romantic to our winter in quebec has reached the status of myth. Every time I come out, it is fun guaranteed. You think I am bullshitting? This is not the case… “as a european dance, uh, yeah, uh!”

  • To listen to the same artist : Koga’s Trap, snake Skin

Who Dat, Zach Zoya

MGM : As a last suggestion, personally, I want to nominate Zach Zoya. Less known than other in the list here, the young 21-year-old native of Rouyn-Noranda is one of the rappers with the most promising, in my opinion. On Who Dat, we can appreciate his “flow” that switches between rapping and singing as a sort of little brother of Kendrick Lamar and Drake. A name that will be remembered.

  • To listen to the same artist : Numb, Superficial

It hurts, KNLO

SG : I’ll let you on a summer note. The african percussion and hip-hop, wedding impossible? Unlikely, certainly, but not impossible for the rapper of congolese origin KNLO, a member of Alaclair who maintains a solo career. Going to listen It hurts and keep yourself from dancing, to see.

  • To listen to the same artist : Cool Cool, TODO List

Don’t Come To The Woods, Backxwash

CB : friends, I will be transparent. I was going to also let you in on a product that is derived from Alaclair (Back To Me, of Eman x Vlooper, one of my tunes, rap keb favorite), but in searching the web, I stumbled across this. Ouch! What hard-hitting alloy of rap and industrial music! Fond memories of the time in my crazy youth, where rap and metal were common. I’ve been to the eye, miss Backxwash!

  • To listen to the same artist : Black Magic, Black Sailor Moon
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