The best way to learn man

Названы лучшие способы знакомства с мужчиной 

Users of the website Reddit told the girls about the best ways of Dating men.Many users advised the women to start a conversation with a compliment:”It brings our attention we rarely receive compliments, especially from the opposite sex”.The other men admitted that they don’t care how the girl would meet them. They will be happy even a standard phrase like, “hi! How’s it going?”.Some users advised the weaker sex to ask any man for help, and thus to make acquaintance. Someone recommended the girls to include fantasy and not to forget the sense of humor. So, one user has shared a funny story of meeting with his beloved:”She saw me on my first day of work. She started with “BU”, awkwardly stomping down the stairs, hoping to scare me. We got married two months ago.” It is reported by “Rambler”. Next:

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