The best ways to cheer up without coffee

Лучшие способы взбодриться без кофе

There are five quick ways to get rid of sleepiness and lethargy

To cheer up without coffee possible! According to experts, there are five quick ways to get rid of sleepiness and lethargy.
To make a drink. Clean a small piece of ginger, thinly slice it and pour boiling water or tea. Let steep 10 minutes, sweeten the tea with a spoon of honey. Drink slowly, in small SIPS, breathing in the spicy and sweet aroma.

A hand massage. Massage your hands and fingers, this will quickly relieve fatigue. Press the thumb and forefinger of your left hand on your right hand and massage thoroughly.

Office charging. To feel a new burst of energy, cheer up and remove the fatigue will help a set of exercises that you can perform sitting in my Desk chair. Do of torso to the side, trying to touch socks (10 times in each direction). Sitting in front of a computer, perform rotational movements shoulders forward and back (10 times each way). Do “jerks” elbow so it would fit the blades (20 times).

Breathing exercises. It’s very simple: breathe deeply and how to exhale. Repeat again and again. But one condition: breathe not only the chest but also the abdomen (inhale inflate it, on the exhale – suck in itself).

Little tricks every day. Eat a slice of lemon and inhale the citrus scent. Incidentally, in Japan many offices use the lemon “aromatherapy” to stimulate. Keep the bag balm with the scent of cucumber (sold in pharmacies). When you get tired, apply them to eyelids. After 10 minutes, you’ll be fit as a fiddle! Massage the earlobes, because they are reflex points.


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