The best ways to pick seedlings

They are created not by chance – it is possible to choose the most optimal for each crop.

Найкращі способи пікірування розсади

Experts distinguish between three ways of picking. They are created not by chance – it is possible to choose the most optimal for each crop. They like each other, but there are differences, informs Rus.Media.

Transplant seedlings

Considered a classic pick. Suitable for most crops like vegetable and floral. Two hours before treatments the seedlings should be watered abundantly. The exception is the coconut seedlings in the ground, stop watering for a day or two to pick. All because this substrate retains moisture.

Capacity where you are going to repot the plants, 3/4 fill with soil, compact it and with a stick make a hole equal to the length of the root. Carefully, using a teaspoon, pull the sprout along with the ball of earth and transplant into the prepared hole. The plant should bury up to the cotyledons.

Tip: If the seeds of pepper and eggplants did not develop, not stretched, then it is better to plant as it grew. To deepen these crops is not recommended.

The transplanted seedling pour warm room temperature water and place on a well-lit windowsill.

Many gardeners when to pick peppers, tomatoes and cabbage trying Presidnet main root of one-third of its length. But it is better to do it selectively: if the root is long and has almost no side branches, it can be pinched. And if the root is “hairy”, it is better to abstain.

Alternative swordplay

Low plants will easily survive a transplant to a new location. It means that people can dive in a slightly different way: an hour before picking pour the seedlings so that the soil was slightly damp. Then shake the contents of the box on a Desk or tray.

With a spoon divide the plants, then take over the family Adeline leaves and seedlings in a separate container. The soil, tamp and pour.

The main advantage of this method – the work goes faster and saves time. But it is not suitable for plants that are stretched out or age, which can hurt.

Handling of seedlings

Transhipment – method for plants who are afraid of damaging the roots. For example, eggplants and cucumbers. Grow these plants in individual containers and transplanted into larger growth. Them for a couple of days before the procedure stop watering so the soil ball was durable and had good capacity.

During the procedure, keep the plants between your fingers and turn the pot to the seedlings turned out to get together with a clod of earth. Then plants are transplanted to a larger container three quarters filled with soil. Then the voids filled with soil and just after that, all abundantly watered.

Method is good because the plants are especially strong and productive, but they take up much more space than the plants in the boxes of seedlings.