The big meeting

La grande réunion

All last season, the supporters of the Patriots only hoped for one thing : Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are gathered again in New England. The long-awaited meeting will finally take place, but in Tampa. As what the events run at a crazy pace in the NFL.

The “Gronk” comes out of his retirement, and that he has agreed to do so demonstrates that, despite his union more productive with the Patriots, above all, it is his quarterback that he has always paid allegiance.

This great return of one of the best wingers closer to the story also sheds light on another element. The ” Patriot Way “, if efficient and productive as it is, has cooled more in the last few years. The climate of heaviness and constant quest for excellence of head coach Bill Belichick end up inexorably by user troops, by undermining the morale, even of the most loyal soldiers.

Gronkowski, a public personality exploded as it did, in fact, more in the mould sanitized the sport, dreamed of going to see elsewhere if the grass was more green to burst a bit. Just like Brady, for that matter.


When thirsty, hungry for victory as they seek to break out of the ranks, it becomes difficult to believe that the message of the emperor has the same effect.

From there to predict the fall of the Patriots ? Not so fast, but Belichick has always been a strong steadfast on its players because the most adulated of them accepted without question its remonstrations. When the big names listen to without grumbling, the herd follows.

Some would argue that Belichick has let that slip Gronkowski for a bite of bread. True that a choice of the fourth round in return for a player of this caliber, it seems little at first glance.

Except that Gronkowski was not going to come out of his retirement to return for the Patriots. In this context, it is of the found money on the ground that the architect of the organization has picked up.

That said, Belichick continues to build without restraint on the effectiveness of the ” system “. A young quarterback will do the trick. A tight end unknown will do the job. A Julian Edelman aging will inspire the troops. The many starters who are gone will be replaced with closed eyes. Until the system no longer works.


For the Bucs, now there’s a congestion to the position of tight end, and another exchange is going on without doubt. Behind the ” Gronk “, is found OJ Howard, Cameron Brate and Antony Auclair.

Auclair did not fear for his position. Yes, Gronkowski is a solid block situation on the race, just like him, but at age 31 and after numerous injuries, it will be necessary to save the body of the veteran. Auclair will allow him to breathe.

For Howard or Brate (whose contract is huge), the portrait is different. The Bucs won’t keep three wingers together in the same mold.

One thing is for certain, Tom Brady, who was already under tremendous pressure to Tampa, comes over as a layer. With his target of choice on board, it is even more sentenced to win. It has a cartridge in addition, and not least, to silence forever those who see the label as a quarterback system.

Remains to be seen what yield Gronkowski will be able to offer. It is easy to forget that his last season, in 2018, it had been rather difficult, with only three touchdowns and 682 yards.

Bring two friends to the glorious past is not automatically a guarantee of success for the present, regardless of the noise generated by the sudden brightness.

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